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Favorite Buried Headlines of 2015

Favorite Buried Headlines of 2015

Some headlines and subjects often ignored by the mainstream media:

Environmental Activists Are ‘Being Killed in Record Numbers,’ With at Least 116 Dying in 2014

Research Shows Mainstream Media Don’t Do Follow-Up Reporting to See if Civilians Are Killed in US Drone Strikes

Big Pharma Lobbies Hard to End India’s Distribution of Affordable Generic Drugs

Richest 62 People Are as Wealthy as Half the World’s Population

Gun Deaths Are Now Outpacing Traffic Deaths In 21 States, And Counting…Some Studies Say It’s Only A Matter of Time Before This Trend Extends Nationally

What Trickle-Down Economics Has Done to the US: The Rich Get All the Money

People’s Tribunal Decries US War Machine in the Philippines

Western State Regulators Struggling to Keep Up With Radioactive Fracking and Drilling Waste

Just 158 Families Provided Nearly Half the Financing for Early Efforts for the White House

Why Is Saudi Arabia Heading the U.N. Human Rights Council?

The United States Believes That It Has an Inalienable Right to Raw Materials in Developing Nations

Exposed: Pro-Israel Modern-Day McCarthyites Are Going to Extremes to Slime Human Rights Activists

War Profits Drive G.O.P. Hawks

Sanders Won the Focus Groups and Online Polls. So Why Do the Media Say Clinton Won the Debate?

The US Is Still Manipulating the UN After 70 Years

Half of World’s Wealth Now Owned by 1 Percent of Population

The Paris Attacks Are Being Used to Justify Agendas They Have Nothing to Do With

20 U.S. Billionaires Now Own as Much Wealth as Half of All Americans

U.S. Shootings Since 1963 Have Killed More Americans Than All Wars Ever